Питание организованных групп и туристов

Накормить ранних пташек завтраком или накрыть ужин после серии плотных экскурсий по ночной Москве?

Dining at the hotel

When staying at the hotel, guests are provided with the opportunity to enjoy diverse services and amenities.

Украшение номера

Ничто не может быть более приятным и волнующим, чем незабываемый вечер наедине со своим любимым человеком.


Vacation or business trip should not be overshadowed by household chores.


How to get to our hotel from the airport or train station? How to leave without hassle and on time?

Organization of business meetings

Mandarin Hotels Group is a leading organisation specialising in organising business meetings, negotiations or business meetings.

Producing a presentation

We offer a wide range of services including organising conferences, seminars, trainings, workshops, master classes, presentations and much more.

Equipment rental for events

The Rooms Boutique Hotel offers equipment only in a good condition and of exceptional high quality.

Rental of rooms for events

The Rooms Boutique Hotel offers premises for rent for any purpose - from a party with friends to large corporate events.

Organization of special events

We provide the opportunity to organise special events.

Souvenir shop

Don’t have time to look for souvenirs and original gifts for your family?

Luggage storage services

Storing small and large items while your stay at the Rooms Boutique Hotel is not problem.

Sales office opening hours 10:00 to 22:00

The Rooms Boutique Hotel Moscow 5 Hotel Mandarin Moscow 4 Vnukovo Village Park Hotel and Spa 4 Hotel Crocuss Tushino 3 Gorki 10
Sales office opening hours 10:00 to 22:00
+7 (499) 110-33-34

109004, Russia, Moscow, Nikoloyamskaya st., 38/23 bld.1. Metro stations: 'Taganskaya' and 'Marksistskaya'

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Special offer for a vacation for the whole family.

We offer to take the opportunity to relax in the circle of the closest loved ones in The Rooms Boutique Hotel Moscow 5 economically and with special comfort!

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